Flying Whales Quebec, a subsidiary of Flying Whales has selected Honeywell’s 1 megawatt generator for its LCA60T hybrid electric airship. The 1 megawatt generator will be used to power the onboard electric engines, from jet fuel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This hybrid-electric system provides both an energy efficient and environmentally conscious means of transportation.

The president of Engines & Power Systems, Honeywell Aerospace Dave Marinick described his product:

Honeywell’s 1-megwatt generator is a perfect fit for a transformational aircraft like the LCA60T

and continued:

Our generator is four times as powerful as any other generator flying today, and at unmatched power density. We believe in creating a more sustainable future for aviation, and our work with FLYING WHALES is helping bring that future to life

Honeywell’s 1 megawatt turbogenerator
(photo courtesy of Honeywell)

The LCA60T is an impressive 200 meter long, 8 meter high airship that can float above rugged terrain and rough seas. It features a rigid composite frame covered with a specialized textile skin. Within this structure, are located cells of non-pressured helium (inert) gas amounting to roughly 180,000 cubit meters of helium. Helium allows the LCA60T to soar with less C02 impact than comparable methods.

With a payload of 60 tonnes and a max speed of 100 km/h (54 knots), the airship can effectively and efficiently handle transporting “oversized” loads into difficult to access areas.

The CEO of Flying Whales Quebec, Arnaud Thioulouse expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration:

We are pleased and proud to welcome Honeywell, which joins us in developing the next generation of propulsion systems. This important collaboration completes and strengthens our Canadian consortium to develop and manufacture our high-power turbogenerator. Today, we are building in Canada the expertise and technological advancements for tomorrow’s aeronautics

More Info:

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